Bridging Conventional & Natural Medicine for Horse Owners

Hi, I'm Maike

I'm a passionate horse owner and Veterinarian. I spend my time searching for better ways to keep horses happy and healthy. I love what modern medicine has to offer and the many lives it saves. And I respect and acknowledge the wisdom captured by natural based therapies.  

Through searching for answers for my animals over the years, I discovered the powerful synergy available today in putting to use 'the best of both worlds' - modern science and natural complementary therapies, for a truly holistic approach to health and healing for our horses.  

Working as a horse vet made me realise that YOU, as a horse owner, could be empowered by having more knowledge and confidence in what to do when your horse is sick or injured. That's how I became passionate about teaching First Aid to Horse Owners. There are soooo many things you can add to your 'toolbox' to help your Horse!




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You know your horse best. I can give you the knowledge and practical tools available thanks to modern medicine and traditional, natural wisdom that could save your horse's life and help recovery from illness.

Online Courses

I've taught horse owners about equine first aid and horse health for over 10 years in my live workshops. 

Lots of people have asked me to make my information more widely available. To give you information in a way that is: 

  • Easy to understand and follow.
  • Practical to apply.
  • Useful for everyday stuff that happens to horses.

It's really important to know when you need to call your vet and what you can do yourself to help your horse. It starts with understanding the basic signs of health and how to recognise them.  

Since learning about and implementing natural therapies such as Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), acupressure, herbal medicine, homeopathy and more, I have discovered many ways that you can use these in addition to conventional treatments to help your horse, both in emergencies and to help with long-term health conditions. 

I'm passionate about sharing this information to help you and your horse. I'm constantly learning and seeking information from experts to share with you. 

Holistic First Aid for Horse Owners 5 Week Live Online Course

Starts 14 January 2020

My Holistic Equine First Aid course is launching off in January 2020.  

Learn everything you need to know to feel confident to deal with emergencies horse owners can face, including colic, wounds, choke, snakebite and more.  

The course will also teach you how to build and use a comprehensive first aid kit including natural remedies you can use to your horse’s benefit, which can be handy particularly if you’re a long way from your Vet.

Registration for this course has CLOSED. If you'd like to be informed about my next course in 2020 just join my mailing list and I will send you all the info once it is available. 

Do you know how to check your Horse's health? 

This course shows you step by step how to assess your horse's well being and health status. It teaches you how to measure your horse's vital signs and detect important behaviours that tell you that something is not right with your horse. It includes easy to follow videos and images. 

Access this course anytime.

FREE Downloads

This FREE Handy Hints Guide includes handy hints, vital signs to check your horse's health, what to put in your horse's First Aid Kit and more...  

The printable sheets are handy to keep near the stables for easy access!

This FREE Colic Guide inclues information to help you identify colic, when to call your vet and what to do while you are waiting for your vet. You'll find a great printable chart setting out the vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, mucous membranes and gut sounds) associated with different stages of colic. 

free colic guide

This FREE Equine First Aid Kit Checklist shows you everything you need to keep in your Horse's First Aid Kit to deal with common emergencies.

Print it out and keep it with your First Aid Kit to keep it properly stocked.  

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